Raufeld producer report tomato cultivation Aldi Süd

May 22, 2020

Corporate producer reports for Raufeld Medien on behalf of Aldi Süd for the Aldi Inspiriert magazine.

Producer report about tomato cultivation in the Netherlands. At 5 o’clock in the morning we took the plane to Amsterdam. From there we went to Middenmeer and visited the company Agro Care.

Agro Care is a young, dynamic greenhouse cultivation company that grows different varieties of (panicle) tomatoes. With various branches in the Netherlands and Tunisia, Agro Care is one of the largest and most modern tomato cultivation companies in the world. Operational Director of Growing Ad von Kester showed us the technological processes on site that make tomato cultivation possible through sustainable water and energy consumption. Solar energy and a specially built geothermal plant supply the greenhouses with electricity and heat.

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