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The fish is finally in the water. What's he doing there? So: What I do?

I tell stories with my camera. success stories. Company stories. Stories about leadership and power. Stories about loyalty. Stories about development. Stories of failure and recovery. Stories about great personalities and those who are just becoming great. Stories that inspire. Stories that arouse emotions. And because I want you to write history too, I'm looking forward to seeing you in front of my lens.

Let's grow together!


My focus:

Corporate Branding and Employer Branding with a focus on the authentic portrayal of people in their environment.

Your story - my picture



There is usually more behind a single photo than a first glance would suggest. Here you can have a look behind the scenes.


When I was 19, it was clear that I wanted to become a photographer. I began training as a photographer in a portrait studio. It was not clear at that time that the direction was already right, as the environment was too uninspiring and dusty for me. But what did I discover? My empathy and how it is still an important tool in my work with my clients today.

Studying communication design with a focus on photography in Dortmund showed me another passion: social issues and pure life. How to bring people into focus is still my passion today. Reportage became my medium.


My first love was directly the big love: With the Polaroid I discovered photography at

the age of six.

But craft and passion are not everything. Without professional organisation, a large photo production is not possible.

So it was good to get to know the other side:

As an art buyer at Media Consulta, Berlin, I acquired my know-how in production, organisation and budgeting.

This was followed by four years in the BILD photo editorial department. With a lot of learning, the time had come. You know the 10,000 hour rule? Well over 10,000 hours of photography had passed since my first steps with the Polaroid camera:

In 2014 I started my own business as a photographer.

My focus: Corporate Branding and Employer Branding with the focus on authentic portraits of

People in their environment.

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